You are in your living room and all of a sudden mini zombies spawn out of the ground. What are you going to do? Send them back to the dust they came from with a flaming robotic ball of course! This is the premise of “The Rolling Dead” a killer augmented reality game for Orbotix’s smartphone controlled robotic ball, Sphero.

The Rolling Dead took home “Best Game” at last year’s Auggie Awards and it’s easy to see why. The AR app turns any place into a zombie battle ground. Using Sphero as a fire-ball shooting warrior, you must defeat the zombies by shooting them with fire and rolling away to stay alive.

Zombies have always been a popular monster but with the success of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and movies like last year’s “World War Z” they seem to have reached new heights. The Rolling Dead continues the zombie craze by bringing them into your home, turning your world into a video game, in an augmented reality app unlike any you’ve played before.

The app also proves that even mini zombies are pretty scary.

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