Santa Clara, CA, June 2, 2014– The organizers of Augmented World Expo 2014 are proud to share the winners of the coveted Auggie Award Awards, as presented on the closing day of the fifth annual event, as well as recaps of announcements made at the show.

This year’s show was the biggest yet – with nearly 2000 attendees, featuring twice as many exhibitors as in 2013 and 156 speakers revealing the latest innovations, including Intel, Qualcomm, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Epson, Bosch, Boeing, GE, Nvidia, Plantronics, and hundreds of startups.

Keynotes from industry luminaries Tim Chang, Hiroshi Ishii and Robert Scoble drew rave reviews, while a wearable fashion show produced by Living in Digital Times wowed the crowd.

Videos of the show can be found at AWE’s Youtube channel at this link:  http://www.youtube.com/AugmentedRealityOrg/videos

Auggie Award™ Winners:

1) Auggie Award for Best Film: The Institute by Director Spencer McCall

2) Auggie Award for Best Tool: Qualcomm Vuforia

3) Auggie Award for Best Hardware: Epson Moverio BT-200

4) Auggie Award for Best Campaign: Ikea Catalog by Metaio

5) Auggie Award for Best Game: The Rolling Dead by Orbotix/Sphero

6) Auggie Award for Best App: ColAR Mix by Puteko

7) Auggie Award for Best Enterprise Solution: Welding Training by Seabery

8) Auggie Award for Best of Wearable Hackathon: HUD How to (with Liza Gere, David Lee, Lesley Bell, Sisil Mehta, and Tim  Hayes)

9) Auggie Award for Best Startup: BitGym

10) City Vision Challenge winner: City Muse

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Announcement Highlights

Full text of all releases

Ori InbarThe Top 5 Trends in the Augmented World

BitGym showcased its the interactive fitness app that turns cardio exercise into an engaging and personalized experience and announced a preview of live one-to-one virtual fitness mentor and incentive-based rewards to its mobile app built for iOS and Android.

The next generation of BitGym builds upon its revolutionary forward-motion video technology and patented tracking solution which immerse fitness users into over forty worldwide panoramic tours, all filmed in 4K Ultra-HD with high-fidelity sound. The new release will take fitness engagement to the next level, while you exercise through iconic riding routes and scenic destinations.

Candy Lab presented Candy B.A.R, a unique marketing platform for brands and events looking to maximize user engagement through highly-engaging, location-specific offers and promotional campaigns.

Combining the concepts of Google AdWords, Foursquare, and Super Mario Brothers, Candy B.A.R. delivers a highly engaging augmented reality experience to bring marketers’ promotions to life on mobile devices—driving real-time targeted local traffic to specific locations. Candy Lab partners upload content to Candy B.A.R. and determine precise real-world locations where they would like their offers and content to appear. Candy B.A.R. then displays these offers on users’ mobile devices by superimposing realistic virtual objects, like branded gold coins, on devices’ camera view screens; allowing content and offers to appear as if they exist in the real world.

Connectar 1.0 launched. This is the first major release for the open platform using cloud technology to add augmented reality as an extra channel in the multi-channel environment of online corporate communication.

Connectar is an open platform using cloud technology. Any content system can communicate with the Connectar cloud via API or JS API open standards. This allows you to create AR content from inside your own system or with content from your system. Connectar has free to use plug-and-play plugins/extensions for the three most used open source CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla and TYPO3).

Draw & Code, a Liverpool-based creative studio, exhibited their latest augmented reality prototypes, ranging from playful games to art-focused projects and even cutting-edge work on enhanced, immersive architectural visualization.

Inglobe Technologies announced that the company will release the ARmedia 3D SDK and platform on the first day of Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, CA. The ARmedia 3D SDK v.1.0.0 features advanced 3D object tracking, a new 3D mapping and tracking approach that allows to create first of a class augmented reality (AR) applications capable of recognizing and tracking objects independently of their size and geometry.

The new release will bring an enhanced version of the technology to the community of developers with extended support for multiple platforms and authoring environments, like for example Unity3D. With the ARmedia 3D SDK users will be able to create applications and systems that link the digital and physical world in ways never experienced before. The ARmedia SDK enables a new generation of applications that redefine the boundary of indoor and outdoor augmented reality in domains like industrial maintenance, interactive gaming, architectural visualization and cultural heritage, just to mention some.

NGRAIN demonstrated the latest innovations in markerless tracking, integration with enterprise data sources, and real-time 3D augmented reality (AR) for its NGRAIN Augmented Reality platform at AWE 2014.

NGRAIN Augmented Reality is designed for industrial clients looking to create robust AR applications that provide task support for field technicians, maintainers, inspectors and other workers interacting with complex equipment. The software’s ability to connect to live enterprise data streams and visualize the real-time performance of that equipment makes it the first AR application to harness the potential of the Industrial Internet with scalable, consistent workflows that are essential for enterprise adoption.

Pantomime Corporation launched the first truly interactive augmented reality platform in a new app, Pantomime 3D™, available free in the App Store.

Pantomime 3D lets iPad and iPhone users reach in and interact with physically realistic, 3D animated augmented reality worlds on any table. By balancing the device on the table or paddling it in the air, users can not only look around and move, but can realistically interact in virtual scenes. As the mobile device moves, Pantomime’s patent-pending algorithms keep the virtual world perfectly in place. The entire scene is seamlessly merged with live video, as if viewers are looking through the mobile device and touching real objects on the table with it. 

PlayDisplay presented its augmented reality museum project utilizing its Space AR platform. The SpaceAR platform enables the creation of realistic virtual worlds and objects. The advantage of the platform is that, unlike virtual reality systems, it takes for its basis the real world, adding virtual objects which obey the laws of physics and interact with the audience in a realistic way, reacting to their gestures, touch, words and even emotions.

Capabilities of the system allow to solve several global problems without requiring a large financial investment into cultural (museums, libraries, theaters) and educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities) by replacing part of physical objects with the virtual ones.

Qualcomm Incorporated announced that Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., will release a major update to the Qualcomm® Vuforia™ mobile vision software platform in the coming weeks. The Vuforia 3.0 SDK will feature Smart Terrain™, a new 3D reconstruction capability that brings a new level of interactivity to augmented reality (AR) experiences.  Additionally, Qualcomm announced a major enhancement to Vuforia object recognition technology that will soon be available to select developers in a beta program.

Qualcomm first demonstrated this type of technology on mobile by unveiling Smart Terrain technology with a depth-aware camera at the Qualcomm® Uplinq™ conference in September 2013. The Vuforia 3.0 SDK will bring Smart Terrain to existing smartphone and tablet devices and will utilize existing cameras. Apps powered by Smart Terrain can enable users to create their own play space where game characters interact with the physical world in ways not experienced before; characters can navigate around, collide with and jump over objects in the user’s environment.  This technology represents a major breakthrough for AR experiences, bringing a new level of interactivity and authenticity to users.

VividWorks has extended its unique 3D design-to-purchase concept for the Furniture Industry with Vuforia’s latest Extended Tracking feature, which goes go beyond basic single product viewing to merge multiple products simultaneously to experiment with furniture combinations in an actual place. This truly grabs the customer’s attention and keeps it – making the Purchase Experience Extraordinary.

The value of 3D and AR in interior content sales is clearly recognized and VividWorks’ rapid global expansion includes now 100 international customers. Among others, European based giant Ekornes launched their Stressless Design Online solution, based on VividWorks technology. The solution is used globally as strategic sales tool for the whole collection and with full integration to back-office. Stressless Design Online App was extended recently with VividAR new features serving end customers on all sales regions.

Wikitude, in partnership with SAP’s Co-Innovation Lab and Marenco Swissconsulting AG, the AR leader demonstrated how enterprise customers can leverage augmented reality technology to add value and efficiencies to their business processes.

With the latest augmented reality smart glasses in front of your eyes and by simply “looking” at the unique glass cockpit of Marenco’s helicopter at the Wikitude booth, information drawn from the SAP backend will be displayed instructing you on how to disassemble the turbine step by step. The information provided ranges from augmented multimedia content like video and audio to complex 3D objects containing metadata. Hand in hand with SAP’s Visual Enterprise solutions these industrial applications are taken to the next level to address the needs of enterprise product lifecycle management. Besides Google Glass, the demonstration can also be experienced on Epson’s Moverio BT-200 as well as Vuzix’s M100 smart glasses. Wikitude’s augmented reality software development kit (SDK) has been optimized for these wearable smart glasses and provides the underlying platform for hands-free business applications.

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More about Augmented World Expo 

Augmented World Expo, now in its fifth year, is the world’s largest international event for augmented reality, wearable computing, gesture devices, and the Internet of Things. This year’s show will take place Tuesday, May 27th through Thursday May 29th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. AWE 2014 will boast over 200 exhibits from elite brands like Epson, Qualcomm and Intel to pioneering startup such as Daqri, Arqetype, Ngrain, and many more. Attendees will also experience a FashionWare show produced by Living in Digital Times, the Auggie Awards, a wearable tech Hackathon, the Glass Class: Designing Wearable Interfaces by Mark Billinghurst and 130 additional talks.

The mind-provoking headliners Robert Scoble (Tech Evangelist) and Hiroshi Ishii (MIT Media Lab) as well as over 130 industry innovators are confirmed as speakers in the super-intense schedule. Intel, Qualcomm, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon. Microsoft, Epson, Bosch, Boeing, GE, Nvidia and Plantronics are among the hundreds of leading companies confirmed to exhibit and speak.

For more information and to register to attend, please visit www.augmentedworldexpo.com. Please follow Augmented World Expo on twitter at @ARealityEvent and #AWE2014.

In addition, Meta, creator of the hotly anticipated and upcoming Meta Pro augmented reality glasses, will host the Official VIP Party of Augmented World Expo, from 6 pm to 9 pm on Tuesday May 27th at its campus in Portola Valley.  Please use the contact information above to request an invitation.

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