Here’s a recap of AWE 2014 with lots of images, videos, and helpful links.

The AWE 2014 Theme resonated!

make it interactive

“Augmented Reality is the interface between Wearables and the Internet of Things”

…and our 5 top industry trends was spot on:


AWE 2014 nearly doubled to 2000 attendees…

AWE 2014 attendee growth

AWE 2014 attendee growth

…from 39 Countries (it’s truly an international event!)

AWE 2014 39 countries

And 100% provided positive feedback!

survey results

Fantastic exhibitors showcased over 200 Demos/Exhibits


And lots of press was in AWE and delivered great coverage…

AWE 2014 Press logos

Our favorite:

“Think of it as the Consumer Electronics Show of the future. The increasingly near future.” – USA TODAY

156 Speakers and Performers educated and inspired us…

And if you missed any of these talks – there are 135 videos to watch – see below!

Playlists from AWE YouTube Channel

Keynotes and Main Events
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEWYGX5hlyTEbYTggFk9TOCH”]
37 Industry Use Cases
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEUqoduj9px3Gs3blfcF9BL-” resultCountCap=”12″]
The New New Interface
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEWINWDCJ5m2G0mAFKvEUv7N”]
27 Demos from the Showfloor
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEUHsrWzjo1Ayd6EU4YzWFde”]
3D-Fying the World
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEX5gTaS4gunsR-sNOxXp36L”]
9 Talks to Open Your Mind
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEUAt2NKA8tFAHfRDgG_KsSr”]
Leading Smart Glasses and HMDs in The Market
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEX6v9tFKnmGaOQ0IthSAPUD”]
14 Interviews in AWE
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEW-I2Jo5V-vym6wF1s663i7″]
Learn About New Technologies
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEXdDOEb89y3Kj6xfupmRNGU”]
Get to Know more about Interoperability
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEXNphJrSfSUznoiGoRbVRJK”]
Dig Deeper with Tutorials
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEVCLE8dNiUBzXVulQNdF3a7″]
Get inspired by Augmented Art
[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLLri17oDqCEWxJn6icQKvjG78MY8xw5Pr”]

All Videos of AWE 2014 sessions are available on AugmentedReality.Org’s YouTube channel.

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Auggie Awards

Recognizing excellence in the Augmented World since 2010

We received over 100 nominations,10,0000 votes to select the finalists

who competed for 10 Auggie Awards.

Here are the AWE 2014 Winners!

Best Film: The Institute, Spencer McCall
Best Tool: Qualcomm Vuforia
Best Hardware: Epson Moverio BT-200
Best Campaign: Ikea Catalog by Metaio
Best Game: The Rolling Dead Orbotix
Best App: ColAR Mix by Puteko
Best Enterprise: Seabery Welding
Best of Hackathon: HUD How to
Best Startup: BitGym
Best of CityVisions: CityMuse by Serhan Ulkumen

Don’t miss upcoming Augmented World industry events this year:

AWE 2015 will take place June 8-10, 2015 in Santa Clara, California.

Exhibitor space allocation for AWE 2015 has started – contact us today to secure the best spots.

And finally, big shout out to the AWEsome event committee and team (mostly volunteers!) and to Lightspeed PR for augmenting the buzz.

AWEsome team

See you next year!
Ori Inbar and the AWEsome Team
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