The 4th trend that defined AWE 2014 was:

From GPS-based experience to 3D –fying the world.

The first AR demo on a smartphone in 2008 was based on GPS and it wowed the world. For some nostalgia, here’s that first demonstration on a hill in Austria showing a castle 3 km away with an info bubble extracted from Wikipedia…


But when we tried it in urban areas or worse indoors – we realized GPS is not accurate enough and it significantly detracted from the experience.

But now all of a sudden we have in our hands the tools to map and sense the world in 3D. This is a hugely important factor to make the world a more interactive place!

Check out these talks from AWE 2014 looking at different ways to map the world.
Mapping Spaces

Matt Bell – Founder, Matterport

Mapping spaces and objects

Jeff Powers – CoFounder and CEO, Occipital Structure Sensor -


Mapping for Navigation

Oriel Bergig – Head R&D, Flyby Media


Clemens Kirner – Founder, Insider Navigation


Projection Mapping on the Real world

Phillippe Bergeron – CEO, PaintScaping


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