The AWE recap is back. We look back at the biggest news in augmented and virtual reality to keep you in the loop.

Augmented Reality

BMW unveils Augmented Vision eyewear for the Mini: BMW entered the AR & wearables space this week as they unveiled a fashionable pair of smart glasses to be used while driving the BMW Mini at the Shanghai Auto Show. A collaboration with Qualcomm, the AR glasses show relevant driving information, provides drivers with new viewing angles and allows them to see their messages while in transit.

Google cuts the price of Project Tango developer kits in half: In an effort to encourage more developers to use its 3D mobile sensing platform, Google has cut the price of the Tango developer kit in half to just $512 from the original $1,024. Interested developers were notified by email which also alluded to a wider release possibly in the near future.

Ferrari rolling out AR in showrooms: Ferrari has created an AR app designed by Zspace and powered by Metaio to allow potential buyers to view all of the possible colors and models of its cars in the showroom. The app identifies one vehicle on the showroom floor and then lets the user toggle through additional alternatives via the AR experience.

Virtual Reality

Tribeca Film Fest makes a big push into VR: New York indie film fest, Tribeca, have made a huge push into VR this year with updating its lineup with talks on technology and VR demos. Some of the experiences include “The Machine to Be Another”, uses VR and a body cameras to give people the impression that they have switched bodies and environments with one another and a 360-degree shot episode of SNL.

Google Cardboard grows up: Google announced some major updates for its Cardboard VR headset originally introduced at I/O last year. The announcement included the roll-out of a certification program for both apps and third party companies creating Cardboard, some new developer tools and enhanced search in the Google Play store to find applications that work with the device.

Merge’s $129 virtual reality headset goes on sale this week: Texas startup, Merge VR are set to offer a foam-based VR headset this week for only $129. Like other cheaper alternatives, the headset uses a smartphone as the screen but the company wishes to differentiate themselves by bundling a handheld motion controller with the goggles.

Augmented World Expo (AWE) is the world’s largest conference for professionals focused on making the world more interactive – featuring technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wearable Computing, Smart Glasses, Gesture and Sensors devices, and The Internet of Things. Now in our sixth year, AWE 2015 is our biggest event yet with over 3,000 tech professionals, 200 demos, 100+ AWE-inspiring talks and over 150 participating companies. Tickets are on sale now.

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