AWE partner Embedded Vision Alliance is on a mission to inspire and empower hardware and software product creators to use computer vision technology. Computer vision enables the creation of systems and applications that “see and understand.” As part of this mission the Alliance hosts an Embedded Vision Summit. Embedded is a one-day event featuring presentations by industry luminaries, bringing insights into innovative approaches to computer vision. Headlining this year’s Summit is Mike Aldred, Electronics Lead at Dyson and Ren Wu a distinguished scientist at the Baidu Institute of Deep Learning.

Aldred has developed software for Dyson’s first bladeless fan, the AMO1, and has managed Dyson’s Electronics Research Group as well, but his main focus has always been to ensure that Dyson produces a world-beating robotic vacuum cleaner. He will talk about his experience in developing a vision-enabled consumer product in his keynote presentation on “Bringing Computer Vision to the Consumer.”

Ren leads the effort at Baidu to expand the frontier of deep learning and artificial intelligence via high-performance heterogeneous computing. His latest work, Deep Image, powered by a custom-designed supercomputer dedicated to deep learning and highly optimized for convolutional neural networks, has achieved state-of-the-art performance on image recognition tasks. His dream is to make AI omnipotent and omnipresent. At the 2015 Embedded Vision Summit, Ren will speak on “Enabling Ubiquitous Visual Intelligence Through Deep Learning.”

The AWE community is invited to attend the 2015 Embedded Vision Summit on May 12 in Santa Clara, California. AWE community members may use the discount code, “EVS154AWE,” for 20% off the full Summit registration or 50% off the Showcase-only registration. Go to http://www.embeddedvisionsummit.com for more information and to register.

The Embedded Vision Summit is a full day of “how-to” presentations, product and technology demos, and insightful talks by industry leaders in one of the hottest areas of innovation today—computer vision. This year’s Summit has three conference tracks, including a new one focused on market trends and business opportunities. The Technology Showcase will feature dozens of demos of computer vision applications.

The Embedded Vision Summit will:

  • Inspire you to create new products that use computer vision technology
  • Offer practical how-tos to help you incorporate vision capabilities into your designs
  • Provide opportunities to meet and talk with leading computer vision technology suppliers and technologists, and see exciting demos of some of the latest technology

Register today at http://www.embeddedvisionsummit.com.

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