The AWE 2015 Program includes:

  • AWE: LEARN – In-depth talks, classes, and workshops – learn about leading SDKs, best practices for enterprise implementations, and tips to succeed with your startup.
  • AWE: DEMO – Micro-talks by top innovators about new products, technologies, and the largest collection of industry use cases demonstrating the value of AR, wearables and IoT in all verticals.
  • AWE: INSPIRE – epic talks from industry luminaries such as Steve Mann (‘father of Wearables’), Tom Furness (‘grandfather of Virtual Reality’), David Brin (Best selling author) and more.
  • AWE: INVEST – Investors forum where 30+ firms compete to invest in the hottest startups in the Augmented World.
  • AWE: NETWORK – rare opportunity for speed networking with industry giants, sought-after startups, and brilliant minds in our industry.
  • AWE: AUGGIE AWARDS™ – compete with the best of the best in the augmented world. Nominations will open in April.
  • AWE: ART GALA – Artist display their interactive art installations and live performances during the evening reception along with drinks and refreshments



In-depth talks, classes, and workshops – learn about leading SDKs, best practices for enterprise implementations, and tips to succeed with your startup.

Workshops such as:

  • Rapid prototyping for Wearables – Mark Billinghurst (Director HIT Lab NZ)
  • 3DUI workshop by Steve Mann (Professor University of Toronto), Steven Feiner (Professor Columbia University), Jayse Hansen
  • Interoperability and creating the Open Web with AR with Rob Manson, Neil Trevett (VP, Nvidia, Khronos Group), Srikanth Chandrasekaran (IEEE)
  • Embedded Vision Class – Creating Smarter, More Interactive Apps and Systems with Computer Vision – by Jeff Bier (Founder, Embedded Vision Alliance)
  • IoT Class: Integrating Augmented Reality with M2M by Simon Heinen (Bitstars) and IoT: Possibilities, Challenges, and Real World Questions by Tom Wesselman (Plantronics)


Tutorials on market leading tools for Augmented Reality:

  • Qualcomm Vuforia
  • Intel Real Sense
  • Metaio
  • Daqri 4D Studio
  • Wikitude
  • APX
  • Meta
  • NGrain


Best Practices for Startups and Agencies

  • Chris Nunes (Holofy) – Making the case for AR
  • David Francis (BlueStar) – Creating AR champions and resellers in the marketing and media industries
  • Brian Wassom – World expert on Law, Privacy and ethics for Augmented Reality


Full Day Enterprise Track will focus on how to prepare your enterprise and how to implement Augmented Reality in industrial settings – presented by folks who do it every day:

  • Juergen Lumera – Bosch
  • Carl Byers, Barry Po – NGrain
  • Paul Davis – Boeing
  • Andy Lowery – President, Daqri
  • Jay Kim –  CTO, APX
  • Rudi Schubert – IEEE
  • Brent Blum and Daniel Kaplan – Accenture
  • Pete Wassell – Augmate
  • Josh Waddell and Damien Murphy – SAP



Micro-talks by top innovators about new products and a collection of industry use cases demonstrating the value of AR, VR, wearables and IoT in a verity of verticals.


Smart Glasses Presentations By:

  • Epson – Eric Mizufuka (New Ventures Manager)
  • Optinvent – Kayvan Mirza (CEO)
  • Meta – Meron Gribetz (CEO)
  • Vuzix – Dan Cui (VP)
  • Atheer  – Soulaiman Itani (Founder)
  • Seebright – John Murray (Founder)
  • Glassup – Francesco Giartosio (CEO)
  • ODG – Ralph Osterhout (CEO)
  • Immy – Doug Magyari (CEO)
  • ARA – David Roberts (Senior Scientist)
  • Daqri Smart Helmet  – Matt Kammerait (VP Product)
  • Innovega – Steve Willey (CEO)
  • Fraunhofer – Next generation OLED microdisplay – Philipp Wartenberg


Industrial Use Cases

  • AR in Logistics – Gina Chung (DHL)
  • AR in Oil and Gas – Daniel Kaplan (Accenture)
  • AR in Utilities – John Simmins (Epri)
  • Remote Maintenance Assistance – Steve Feiner (Columbia University)
  • Helicopter maintenance – Martin Lechner (Wikitude)
  • Asset Performance Management – Zachary Taschdjian (GE)
  • Remote Expert Assistance – Alex Hill (CN2)
  • An Augmented Navy – Dr. Joshua Kvavle (Navy)


Retail, Commerce and Branding Use Cases

  • Visual Search – Ambarish Mitra (CEO, Blippar)
  • Product Visualization for Sales – Jean-Francois Chianetta (CEO, Augment)
  • How not to use AR for Ads – Adam Gravois (Mirar)
  • Indoor Navigation for retail – Clemens Kirner  (Insider Navigation)
  • Indoor positioning for retail – Peter Verstraeten(Augnition)
  • Try before you buy furniture – Yoni Nevo (CEO, Cimagine)
  • Lowe’s Holoroom – Ari Popper (ScifiFutures)
  • AR/VR for retail  – Vitaliy Goncharuk (CEO, Augmented Pixels)
  • Analytics and big data – Brock Kolls (CN2)
  • Cognitive computing  – Gayle Sheppard (Saffron Tech)
  • Image recognition – David Marimon (CEO, Catchoom)
  • Augmented Reality as a Business Solution for Retail – Beck Besecker (CEO, Marxent)


Entertainment and Play Use Cases

  • Mark Ladd (Lytshot) – Making video games real
  • Dylan malone (UIEvolution) – Creating a sense of wonder in an age of science
  • Yehuda Duenyas (Mindride) – Mind controlled EEG Reality competition
  • Brian Selzer (Daqri) – Bridging the Digital and Physical Play Space with Augmented Reality
  • Kevin Williams (deployment of VR and AR for commercial entertainment)
  • Meghan Athavale (Lumo Play)


Automotive and Aerospace Use Cases

  • AR for Flight Control  – Alessandro Terenzi (Inglobe Technologies)
  • AR for car design – Artur Grzybowski (Jaguar Land Rover)
  • AR HUDs for cars – Cuong Tran (Honda)


Real Estate, Architecture and Urban Design Use Cases

  • The Augmented Real Estate Agent – Roland Schmid (Card-emotion)
  • The Future of Real Estate sales – Vit Goncharuk (Augmented Pixels)
  • Reality Capture & Visualization for Treehouse Design – John Shulters (Ascension Studios)


Healthcare Use Cases

  • Tilanka Chandrasekera (OKState) AR for aging populations
  • Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo (A&M) – ARnatomy
  • AR in Medical panel lead by Brian Wassom with Soulaiman Itani (CTO, Atheer), Barton L Guthrie, MD Neurosurgery (VIPPAR), David Bloom (President, FoveOR)
  • Shafi Ahmed (Medical Realities) – AR in the operating room
  • Joe Zott, Vinny Luciano  (Accuvein) – projecting veins through the skin


Education and Training Use Cases

  • Martin Neumann (Universe2Go) – Star gazing
  • Theo Lagendijk, Coen de Koning (Platipus) – Training for mechanics
  • Jay Van Buren – AR in Education Augmentable Map and Timeline – 2 Years Later
  • Christina York (ALTality) – Spellbound magic book


Art, Culture and Museums Use Cases

  • Nicolas Henchoz (EPFL+ECAL) – How design can turn disruptive technologies into friendly innovations
  • Alex Hill (CN2) – Aquanaut Adventure: AR at The Georgia Aquarium
  • Giovanni Landi (ETT Spa) – 3D Tracking based Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage data management
  • Bob van Luijt (Kubrickology) the value of art in design and thinking – music and dance through brain
  • Oskar & Caspar (Face projection art installation)
  • Alison Humphrey and Pascal Langdale – The making off Faster Than Night – a blend of live theatre, real-time 3D animation and audience interaction into an emotionally powerful adventure unlike any other
  • Louis Jebb (Immersive.ly) – Why news needs virtual reality


User Experience and Interaction

  • Chris Wren (Advanced AR Interactions) – Advanced AR Interactions
  • Jason Jerald (Next gen interactions) – Perception and interaction design
  • Nasser Nassiri (Higher Colleges of Technology) – Facial Expressions and Trust in Augmented Reality Environment
  • BC [ heavy ] biermann – AR as Mental Disruption
  • Hernán Martínez (Argentina) – Visualizing Voting Results
  • Chelsey Gobeli (A&M) – Investigating 2D UI Elements in 3D Immersive Displays


Social AR and Collaboration

  • Sally Applin (UKC) – Social AR: Why we need it. How to get it
  • Deborah Lemon –  AR Environment for collaboration
  • Jay Van Buren, Jeff Barbose – Membit – Human positioning system
  • Jeff Day (Bluewater tech) Seamless AR Events: The Next Big Social Experience
  • Modar (JR) Alaoui – Eyeris – The rise of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) and Emotionally Intelligent Devices


Startups and Product Introductions:

  • Ken Lee (Van Gogh Imaging)
  • Alex Hill (CN2)
  • Connell Gauld  (Zappar) – Empowering the next generation of content creators one zap at a time
  • Stefan Alexander (Myo)
  • Motti Kushnir (InfinityAR) – Bringing back human interaction to a digital world
  • Amir Rubin (Paracosm) – How it Works: Turning Homes into Holodecks
  • Jeff Powers (CEO, Occipital)
  • Neal Naimer (Woojer)
  • Sean Ramsay (Bubl) 360 cameras
  • John Elvesjo (Tobii) – A World of More Natural and Humanized Interaction
  • Jim Marggraff (CEO, Eyefluence) – Transform intent into action through your eyes
  • David Nedohin (ScopeAR) – content creation for industry
  • Satyabrata Acharya (Emminova) – OMAR: world’s first AR browser in Arabic language



  • Authoring Reality Panel lead by Andrew Melchior (Third Space) with Brian Penne (Autodesk), Andrew Huang (Director of Bjork Features Black Lake and Stone Milker), Kevin Shapiro (Founder Wolf & Crow), Greg Downing (X-Rez, LiDAR capture, point cloud and light field experts)
  • VR in advertising panel lead by Dan Ferguson (ReelFX)
  • Privacy and security panel lead for Joseph Rampolla with industry experts
  • Building an Industry Roadmap with Rudi Schubert (IEEE), Yohan Baillot (ARCortex), Srikanth Chandrasekaran (IEEE), BC ‘Heavy’ Biermann (The Heavy Projects)



  • Brian Mullins (CEO, Daqri)
  • Thomas Alt (CEO, Metaio) – Devices are About to Open Their Eyes, and It’s Going to Change Mobile Forever
  • Ralph Osterhout (CEO, ODG)



Epic talks from industry luminaries

  • Steve Mann (‘father of Wearables’)
  • Tom Furness (‘grandfather of Virtual Reality’)
  • David Brin (Scientist and Scifi Author)
  • Johnny Lee (Google, Project Tango Lead)
  • Helen Papagianis – Advancing Augmented Reality for Humanity
  • Dr. Jon Cabiria – Are the Lunatics Running the Asylum? Probably!
  • Jay Wright (VP, Qualcomm)
  • Mark Billinghurst (Director HIT Lab NZ) – Emphatic Computing
  • Chris Stapleton (Simyosis) – Unlocking pathways in the brain to escape the prison of the mind
  • and more to be announced…

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