Augmented World Expo is proud to announce further details on the highly anticipated wearable Hackathon, which is a new addition to AWE, taking place May 26-27, 2014. The challenge is attracting hundreds of developers to compete for fun and prizes as they meet other developers and learn more about wearable devices.

This free event – produced in partnership with Augmate and sponsored by Epson and Arqetype – is open to all developers, both novice and advanced, and takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California from 9 AM on Monday May 26th to Tuesday May 27th at 5 PM. Teams will spontaneously form to work on the new applications that most interest the developers. Attendees are invited to show off their hackathon applications on the May 27th between 3-5pm. The judges will vote for their top picks. The winning teams will receive prizes for the best applications, and the top Wearable hack will receive the coveted Auggie Award™. In addition, the top 10 hacks will be awarded a table in the Startup Alley at the AWE EXPO on May 28-29th, 2014. All participants in the hackathon who complete their hacks will be granted a deep discount for the conference tickets.

The Wearable Hackathon provides a great venue for programmers and Wearable enthusiasts to meet others that share their interests. It has also attracted the attention of companies who are eager to engage with developers in the dynamic market surrounding wearable products.

The following hardware and software providers will be providing resources for the wearable hackathon onsite: Google Glass, Arqetype, Vuzix, Epson, Wikitude, Metaio, Catchoom, Meta, Softkinetic, ARPA Solutions, Leap Motion, Rdio, Digital Ocean, and more.

This free day-long event is the result of work from dozens of volunteers and sponsors in the Wearable community. The hackathon has been organized by AWE in partnership with Augmate to provide joint activities among their members and developers across the nation.

The latest information on the Wearable Hackathon is available at its web site at awehacks.challengepost.com and on its Twitter channel at @AWEHacks. Information on how to sign up is available at its web site at awehacks.challengepost.com.

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