Google’s Project Tango is set to change computer vision and robotics by concentrating this technology into a mobile device. The Google team is developing smartphones and tablets that can track 3D motion and create 3D models of the environment around it allowing you to map the world around you in real-time. In doing so, Tango unlocks some unique opportunities in directions, dimensions and environmental maps as well as the creation of immersive augmented reality experiences that merge the digital and the physical world.

Johnny Lee is leading Project Tango and we are excited to announce that he has been added as a keynote speaker to the Augmented World Expo speaker lineup. Lee will be present some of the underlying technologies that are making Project Tango possible such as hardware sensors and software algorithms.

Lee’s keynote will also include demonstrations of the current state of Tango and will speak to the role of 3D sensing in mobile gaming, indoor navigation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and autonomous drones.

Before Project Tango, Lee helped Google X explore new projects as Rapid Evaluator and was a core algorithms contributor to the original Xbox Kinect. His YouTube videos demonstrating Wii remote hacks have surpassed over 15 million views and became one of the most popular TED talk videos. In 2008, he received his PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University and has been recognized in MIT Technology Review’s TR35.

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