NEW YORK, NY – May 20, 2013 –  AugmentedReality.org, the producer of Augmented World Expo, the world’s largest gathering of augmented reality (AR) professionals, today announced that for the first time, public voting is now open for the fourth annual Auggie Awards™.

Public voting for the finalists will take place from May 20th to May 30th. At the conclusion of this voting period, a judging panel will select the winners.  All winners will be announced at the Auggie Award Ceremony at 6:30pm on June 4th, 2013 at the Augmented World Expo being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Passes for the event are still available by registering here, and all registered event attendees are invited to the ceremony.

Public voting for the Auggie Awards is encouraged and can be found HERE.

Voters can select one of 6 categories to review the respective nominations and vote for their favorite in each category.

“The Auggies have been promoting excellence in augmented reality since 2010, and are intended to bring the best in augmented reality from around the world to the public at large, and to recognize the leading products in 6 key categories,” said Ori Inbar, co-founder and CEO, AugmentedReality.org. “We are very excited to recognize those teams who develop technology and solutions that demonstrate how augmented reality can empower humans to interact with the world in a more advanced, engaging, and productive way.”

Consistent with AugmentedReality.org’s mission to educate, connect, and hatch new initiatives in the augmented world, and the organization’s global goal to inspire adoption of augmented reality towards the goal of 1 billion active AR users by 2020, AugmentedReality.org is co-sponsoring this competition, along with SAP, PCH International and Upverter. Winning contestants will receive trophies and cash prizes of more than $20,000 will be awarded across the contest categories. Competition categories include:

  • Best Augmented World Video (Design fiction)
  • Best Augmented World Hardware (Eyewear, Wearables, Gestures, etc.)
  • Best Augmented World Solution for Enterprises and Industry – Sponsored by SAP
  • Best Augmented World Mobile App (Browsers, Games, Education, etc.)
  • Best Augmented SDK for Developers
  • Best Augmented Marketing Campaign

Best AR Startup Competition will be held at AWE 2013 and is not open for public voting.

Past winners from 2010-2012 can be found HERE.

For more details on the fourth annual Augmented World Expo (Formerly ARE) click HERE.


About AugmentedReality.org

AugmentedReality.org is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting the true potential of augmented reality. As a trusted partner of its members and supporters, augmentedReality.org facilitates and catalyzes the global and regional transformation of the AR industry. AugmentedReality.org also owns and produces the largest international event for augmented reality and the global forum for AR innovation: Augmented World Expo (formerly Augmented Reality Event). All profits from the event are reinvested into AugmentedReality.org’s industry services. 

Media Contact: Mary Ellen Ynes, Vice President, Zeno Group maryellen.ynes@zenogroup.com 650-801-7954

Awards-specific questions contact: auggies@AugmentedWorldExpo.com

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