Presenting on exhibit the first public prototype of the Nikon powered “xxArray”: an incredible >15 gigapixel 3D capture booth capable of producing photo-real 3D “clones” with the goal of using captured data in Augmented Reality applications. Come by and get cloned!

Alexx Henry Studios is a creative lab focused on working with technology and visual art to explore the human experience. The studio operates under the philosophy that innovation comes from the marriage of great storytelling and new technologies. Principal Alexx Henry is an award-winning director, photographer and spokesperson in still and motion photography. Recognized by the Huffington Post as “fearless in his vision”, the studio was awarded a 2011 Cannes Gold Lion for the iPad’s first editorial interactive motion feature spread, as well as studio of the year from the Digital Magazine Awards.

In addition to developing the Nikon xxArray, AHS spearheads the BRUCELY Project, an independent skunkworks project. The goal: to construct the world’s most advanced 4D performance capture system and to use the performance capture in Augmented Reality applications.

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