The dominance of digital technology is changing the way people view and interact with their environments. People today are inundated with information like never before making it more challenging to capture and maintain their attention…and…is it more exciting than ever before! Enter Augmented Reality.

Balance Studios – Augmented Reality Division (“eh-are”) is the fusion of our over 30 years of experience and ongoing knowledge of brand, design, advance interactive development, animation/visual fx, and motion media-all wrapped up into one exciting little package.

The amazement of Augmented Reality technology is that one’s imagination can run wild! We are bringing a new dimension of visual experiences, extending brands and augmenting the world with a focus on education, information, and entertainment.

We are engaging patrons in a way they have never experienced before by creating eh-are interactive books and promotion products for children, museum exhibits integrating multi-dimensional Augmented Reality touch screen interactions, working with national and international retailers on shelf-popping retail and point of sales experiences, creating unique games, and eh-are Apps with integrated content management systems (CMS) allowing clients to update their AR Apps in real-time, on the fly.

Oh, and we do it all off-shore (of Lake Michigan that is).


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