castAR is the company behind the castAR Augmented Reality Glasses. castAR is a fun way for you and your friends to engage with an Augmented Reality world that springs from your table, wall or just about any other tangible object.

In 2013, Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson left Valve Software, where they both worked on augmented and virtual reality, to found Technical Illusions and develop the castAR system in Woodinville Washington. After months of development and a successful Kickstarter they built a team to complete development of the product. Since then we have raised some seed money and started to ship to our early backers.

It is exciting to have reached the point where independent developers can start developing for the new platform. Our goal is to build the ubiquitous, shared interfaces that are the future of how people will work and play together. The castAR glasses are just the first of our products. We don’t want to be a “technology demonstration” company; we start our engineering by considering how real people work and play together.

We strive to make products that are natural, responsive, and embedded in the physical world. Instead of isolating, they should be open, social, magical and engaging. We strive to be honest on all fronts, including all our marketing. Our Kickstarter video was filmed through real castAR glasses and did not utilize any CG. As we’ve matured, we’ve held ourselves to the highest standard of showing what’s possible now, not where we want to be in ten years. “Concept video” is not in our vocabulary. All in all, we just want you and your friends to have fun.


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