The founder of the company Peeter Nieler is an avid gamer himself – especially first-person shooter games – and remembers continually dreaming about the feeling of really being there, immersed in the game. Wondering what it would feel like to look at enemy positions with the sun blinding your eyes and bullets kicking you in the ribs? It was his intuition and tech-savvy that led to the product concept and finally to establishing this company.
Since Criffin launched they have had eight fundamentally different omnidirectional treadmill prototypes under research and/or development to get to the best possible solution in terms of user experience and affordability.
As time passed, concept after a concept proved to be either dysfunctional or too complicated for mass market production – until finally the functionality of the first ideas and the result of years of development were moulded into the current prototype and the – RUNPAD – was born. Today we may talk about the ultimate VR gaming treadmill which is guaranteed to deliver an unprecedented user experience.

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