With a patented near-infrared (NIR) visualization solution, Evena Medical affords evaluation of an entire limb at one glance while also verifying blood flow. Quick, thorough vein assessment allows for faster, easier and safer IV starts. Verification of vein patency eliminates subjective guessing for those caring for patients and administering venipuncture.

Delivering a crisp, unobscured image – permitting access on the first attempt. Evena Medical’s patented near-infrared light captures the most difficult vein images including those patients that are overweight or with darker colored skin.

  • Evena is first-to-market with an infiltration / extravasation / patency /visualization platform.
  • The patented imaging system provides crisp views of the vein patency.
  • Irrefutable documentation of all procedures is essential to the care giver.



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