BrickSimple LLC is a leading developer of next generation web, mobile, and wearable computing applications. Our talented creative team develops custom solutions and products that leverage current mobile/tablet computing and powerful emerging technologies.

Our team is committed to developing innovative application experiences for our clients. BrickSimple developers thrive on challenging technology problems and devising robust scalable solutions. We have assembled a team of experts with the experience, the know-how, and passion to make innovation happen. We bring these resources to bear when it comes to creating new solutions or re-engineering existing ideas.

If you are looking for an experienced iOS, Android, or Glass professional development partner, you have come to the right place. BrickSimple has been building software products and solutions since 2002. With clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to start-up companies, BrickSimple is recognized as one of the leading boutique mobile and wearable application developers in the United States. While some firms have just begun working with these technologies, our mobile application development portfolio spans more than 6 years.


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