Throughout history we’ve built tools to solve specific problems. Over the last few decades we’ve learned how to build powerful tools that we can adjust to our needs. But we’ve never built tools that understand why they’re being used so they can adapt to us.

That changes today. 

Imagine a planetary neural network that’s continuously working to understand you, your actions, intent, goals, and what’s going on in the world that’s relevant to you. It uses this intelligence to seamlessly augment applications specifically for you and your situation.

Imagine this service running 24/7 on your smartphone and other devices.

Imagine walking into a meeting in a restaurant. Without you doing anything, the Kimera smart agents on your phone have already communicated with the smart agents on the phones of the people you’re meeting, and those of the restaurant. Together they’ve handled one late arriver, three relevant subject updates from associates, a drink order, a prescription medication notice, and a food allergy alert.

During your meeting, several smart agents will find ways to help the information flow without interrupting, and handle diversions like incoming calls based on what they know about you and your colleagues. One of your group will be notified to leave early because of impending traffic delays. No one will have made a call to find out any of this information.

Our AI technology isn’t limited to a vertical market. Your phone will take a holistic approach to your life and continuously build a service that fits your need, even if your need goes beyond your current situation …in fact, that’s the point; it adapts to help you with every new development and situation.

An open decentralized planetary network

We’re creating a planetary neural network that everyone can choose to participate in and benefit from but isn’t owned by anyone.

The last thing we need is global context awareness that’s owned by one or two big companies. Our technology is based on the founding principles of the Internet. We each own our own piece of the AI network and can decide how much and in what capacity we participate. The smart agents that make it all happen are easily custom-built from our SDK by any software developers who wish to participate.

This AI-driven, ubiquitous contextual personalization service opens the door for an unprecedented level of innovation for everyone. It will change our planet by giving “life” and learning to tools and services. The result is continuous awareness of value in the moment that’s customized for each person.

This technology does NOT aim at replacing humans; it’s designed to extend our human abilities, every day.


We need your help! This future will happen. The only question is how and when. By pledging to our funding project on RocketHub or on our site you help it happen now, by enabling user-controlled, personalized global AI services on any networked device, for anyone. This counters the trend for major Internet companies to control global intelligence technology.

We want you to own your piece of the collective intelligence, not some big corporate Internet company who only cares about their bottom line. If we all work together, we can make it happen!