Clark Dodsworth is VP Product Marketing for Kimera Systems, a B2B cloud services provider in the mobile context awareness space.
He’s a tech strategist, converting it to products and services that support the User eXperience. He began doing mobile context awareness strategy in 2007 for the huge Dubailand leisure development managed by McKinsey. Since then the mobile context tech and services arcs he projected have been right on track.
Kimera Systems is developing a 2nd screen service for a major hardware vendor and cloud-based infrastructural Context Awareness as a Service, for any app, any site. Clark is also involved in MedTech 2.0, enabling clinicians to collaborate using rich-media content any time, anywhere.
Clark was co-creator of the Ambient Intelligence strategy for Philips worldwide in 1998, which was subsequently adopted by the EU for FP6, their 3.7B euro programme for R&D.
Clark’s book “Digital Illusion” defined the paths for online and out-of-home entertainment, and he was a Director of the first nationwide location-aware mobile wireless marketing system, VideoCart, funded by Gian Fulgoni of ComScore.

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