Lumus was founded in 2000 by Dr. Yaakov Amitai, whose disruptive and patented LOE technology is the basis for the Company’s core technology and business. The LOE is an ultra-thin, see-through lens that displays large, high quality images and enables the design of eyeglasses with a completely natural look. The LOE shatters the perceived laws of physics that have prevented personal displays from being compact, lightweight, translucent, normal looking and inexpensive, and offers a window of opportunity to an extensive range of exciting applications.

Using this cutting-edge LOE technology, Lumus is providing a new dimension for the human visual experience. Enriching human vision with completely natural-looking, see-through eyewear, Lumus is generating a paradigm shift in display technology, changing behavior patterns and establishing new horizons in the world of displays. Headed by a team of visionary leaders and pioneers in the world of optics and personal displays, Lumus is creating a new way of living, working, communicating and enjoying movies, TV and video games.

Allowing users to see through and see beyond, Lumus solutions are taking vision to the ultimate level by redefining what can be viewed on the go. Providing a super large screen anywhere that users look and wherever they are, Lumus eyeglasses offer video content and information in the blink of an eye, generating simultaneous connectivity to what users want to see and what users need to see.

As the leading enabler of see-through wearable displays, Lumus sells its Optical Engine modules under OEM agreements to leading consumer electronics manufacturers, who then market lines of products integrated with Lumus technology and know-how. In this way, Lumus succeeds in penetrating a wide range of applications.


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