“AR in China” is China’s leading augmented reality platform, founded in the middle of 2013. The platform includes an online portal, an online forum and an offline event management system. There are more than 10,000 developers registered on the forum in less than one-year time. The goal of “AR in China” is to break the communication gap between the global AR industry and China’s local market. The vision of “AR in China” is to connect world’s innovative AR companies with the massive number of Chinese developers and end users.

The main online portal of “AR in China” contains four major sections: AR blog, Case-Video Showcase, AR APP Downloads and AR Company Info. It allows the information to flow seamlessly from the international AR industry to the people who live inside of the “Great Fire Wall”. The online forum is the “home of AR developers”; software tutorials and technical supports are handled by experienced developers. Moreover, the offline event management system creates face-to-face communication opportunities within the local Chinese AR communities.

The Chinese AR market is rising in a fast pace. We look forward to catch on the global AR trend and to make AR the “next big thing”!


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