ARNext.ru is the first and best media on the Russian internet fully dedicated to augmented reality (AR). We believe AR is the next step of computer interfaces evolution. Augmented reality will eventually erase the line between the normal and digital worlds. On ARNext.ru, we are making our best to embrace the new technological wave with daily news, articles, regular interviews with important players on the AR market like Qualcomm, metaio, Augmented Pixels, EligoVision, Blippar, PlayDisplay and also with scientists who build the fundamental part of these technologies.

ARNext.ru have already been featured as experts for such magazines as Forbes (Russian edition on June, 2013) and Itogi, a large offline and online publication on the Russian media market. In 2013, ARNext.ru was chosen the best blog on the Russian internet writing about innovations in the contest ‘Russian Innovations Through The eyes Of Journalists – 2013′ run by Russian Venture Company and one of the largest Russian media holding RIA Novosti.

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