Ra’pro is the first and, today, only French association linked to augmented reality field. We promote this technology through our blog (www.augmented-reality.fr) followed monthly by more then 7000 people. We organize and co-organize many workshops, events and conferences, such as ARusecamp, ARParis,Dimension3, etc.
We are media partner of Laval Virtual, Dimension3, Augmented Summit India (2013 Mumbay India) , International Conference on Human Machine Interaction (2012 – Sousse – Tunisia)

Goals of our organization are:
–       Creating the connection between the projects promoter and the RA’pro community. The members of community is composed of experts from companies, researchers, students and passionate.
–       Establishing of working groups. This groups will reflect specific issues related to customs, standards, and techniques augmented reality. We wish to establish specific trade such sessions: augmented reality and wine, tourism, use augmented reality in museums, etc… Following the conclusions of these workshops, and we hope to publish repports.
–       Promoting and advancing the use of the Augmented Reality.
–       Organizing workshops to teach the use of the technology.


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