The Real World – Gaming and Advertising’s Final Platform

In 2009, we believed we had seen the future of gaming – and it was no longer on the living room couch. Mobile devices were bringing games to everyone, everywhere, and at anytime, and we wanted to be part of it in a big way. So we launched Ogmento, and our approach was to create location based, augmented reality games that pushed the boundaries of what games can do on mobile.

What does that mean?

It means Ogmento creates games that interact with the real world. That not only does it matter where you are, but what you are interacting with around you. Our games turn your neighborhoods into magical battlegrounds, a certain soda bottle into a source of power-ups, and that guy standing next to you into a three headed monster who wants to chew on your face.

We have offices in New York and Los Angeles, though we hold out hope that we can put an office in Italy one day.

Location Based Games + Augmented Reality = Ogmento