We are changing the way people discover, capture, and share the moments that make life wonderful.

At Flyby, we understand that the continued growth of social media is creating a deluge of content. Today’s mobile users have hundreds of friends online and share frenetic streams of content – photos, videos, social, and messaging across a mix of networks and applications. Daily content feeds are becoming longer and less personal, and the ratio of signal to noise is becoming smaller and smaller. New apps continue to emerge offering new twists or incremental improvements; but they change little. With so much digital overload, how do you drive real signal through the noise?

We believe the answer lies in the ability to share media only when relevant and contextual to the world around you, and not through real-time digital fire hoses. What if there was a way to combine the benefits of digital with the higher emotional connection of communicating in the real world? What if there was a way to deliver signal when it really matters? Our team of mobile industry entrepreneurs and computer vision scientists is dedicated to building exactly this: a new social platform that connects your physical world with digital content.

The result is a more contextual way to communicate and share with your friends. A platform that leverages digital media to elevate, rather than replace, your real-world experiences.

We introduced Flyby Messenger to the App Store in January of 2014. But some of our most exciting initiatives are still incubating behind the scenes, where our computer vision team is working to link “real life” to our mobile and wearable devices. We are currently working to develop new capabilities in the fields of mobile messaging, image recognition, sensor fusion, large-scale SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), and indoor navigation. We are also partnered with Google on Project Tango, to which we contribute as a key R&D partner. If any of these areas are also of interest to you, please contact us. We’d love to talk.

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