For the past year I have been experimenting and creating original abstract paintings in time-lapse motion and tagged with AR. Using my Free Dena Nord AR app, viewers can unlock the process videos right on top of the finished painting. When scanning the painting using my app, the surface morphs back to the white canvas and you can see the painting being created stroke by stroke. The entire experience is set to music and able to be viewed cross platform on multiple devices.

For the conference, I will show three separate paintings at 30″ x 40″ each. On display will be two existing pieces and one brand new piece created specifically for the conference guests. The two existing pieces are called “olive pit” and “reptar” and can be seen on my website gallery. “Reptar” is linked to my traditional time-lapse and “olive pit” is linked to a dancing animation of brush strokes. The new piece created will be created specifically for the guests of the conferences. It will have hidden messages in the video within the time-lapse process video. The imagery in this work will be technology related and have moments where the ARWE logo appears as a nod to the event.

Reptar: http://denanord.com/portfolio/reptar/
Olive Pit: http://denanord.com/portfolio/untitled-2/

For details on my augmented artwork: http://denanord.com/augmentedgalleryapp/

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