Inglobe Technologies is a leading AR company based in Italy. Developer of the popular Augmented Reality (AR) platform ARmedia and related Plugins for Google SketchUp, Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D, Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inglobe Technologies has emerged as a key provider of Mixed Reality solutions and software addressed to different market segments. With more than 40.000 registered users worldwide and +230.000 total installs of mobile apps, especially on iOS, ARmedia is considered one of the most reliable augmented reality platforms for end users. Thanks to the ARplugin and viewer, many professionals have moved the first steps into the world of AR easily and productively. Inglobe’s solutions have been employed in research projects both in the Academy and in the Industry. The company counts more than 1700 clients, including Intel, Cisco, Sony, Boeing, Embraer, Snam Italgas, IKEA, Foster & Partners, Gensler, Arup, DPR, Harvard University and several schools and universities of any grade worldwide. Inglobe takes part in the international debate on Augmented Reality applications through pioneering activities at the crossroad of different research domains.
Primary areas of activity of the company include:
– Architecture, Engineering and Construction
– Smart Buildings and Environments
– Industrial applications for the Aerospace industry
– Healthcare AR applications
– Design and implementation of platforms for Interactive Learning Experiences
– Cultural Heritage Applications
– Core Tracking and Visualization technologies
– Wireless Sensor Networks


All Verticals


Mobile, Eyewear, Gesture Device, Internet of Things, Location Tech


ARmedia 3D Tracking SDK
ARmedia Plugins and Content Creation Tools