Graziano Terenzi is CEO at Inglobe Technologies. He has done research activity in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, especially with regards to the development of neural networks models of perception and language. He has dealt with research topics ranging from Interactive Design, Systems Science to Immersive and 3D technologies, Mixed Reality and Augmented Cognition. He taught Semiotics and Media Theory for the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at several Academies of Fine Arts in Italy and he is author of several contributions published in international scientific journals and volumes. One of his current activities is to create a collaborative platform for Research Institutes and private companies in the field of Human-computer Interaction. Graziano founded Inglobe Technologies where he deals with the development of cutting edge Augmented Reality software and solutions. He is also managing consultant for the Russian AR company Aviareal Llc, Moscow, Russia, which is especially addressed to the development of Augmented Reality solutions for the Aircraft industry.

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