MYSTIC MIDWAY represents a community of artists, technologists, game designers, performers and cultural visionaries who believe that by EMBRACING the current tech wave hitting The Bay Area, we can reinvent ourselves as CHAMPIONS for integrated solutions in keeping the innovative, creative spirit of San Francisco alive and well.

San Francisco’s premiere supernatural side show The Mystic Midway will be hosting a transmedia performance at the Augmented World Expo in the Santa Clara Convention Center’s upper mezzanine. Entitled “Search for the Mysticon Codex” the performance is an interactive environment that explores the intentions and consequences around mixed reality technologies and the people who make and use them.

Barron Scott Levkoff, Mystic Midway creator and director said, “We are very excited to be leveling up our use of technology in this performance, uniting our traditional theater and performance know-how with augmented reality, 3D printing, laser-cutting, drones, sound sculpture and more!” The Mystic Midway is known for its past performances on the West Coast at The Edwardian Ball San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“Search for the Mysticon Codex” will have over a dozen live performers, live music, and multiple setpieces that call on participants to explore their intentions and decisions around mixed reality technology. The Hobo King in Midway Alley invites participants to share a frank and get real. The Snake-Oil Salesman has some vaporware to sell you from his Medicine Wagon. The Lady Fortuna offers insight and intuition from her Fortunas Oracular. At the center of it all is the Infinite Gameboard with a puzzle that players may solve at the behest of the Technomagi. The Airship WONDER awaits on its dock, its flight powered by the hopes of participants. Mr. Nobody draws out the fears of participants who dare to enter his Swamp Shack. The Miraculum offers a stage to use the Sonic Mirror to contribute to the performance sound sculpture. Many more wandering characters like the Harlequin, The Jester, The Blue Mystic and more will guide, entertain, confound, and inquire those who’s path leads them through the Midway.

To learn more about the Mystic Midway, visit http://www.mysticmidway.com

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