At Pantomime Corporation, we’re deploying revolutionary Pantomime™ software: the first platform across consumer devices for immersive, interactive and shared augmented reality experiences. The Pantomime Platform™ provides unparalleled, physically realistic worlds that let a consumer easily reach in with any mobile device, while any computer or game console can participate. With real-time 3D models of how each device is shaped and supported, Pantomime users can touch and paddle virtual objects with mobile devices, while every move makes the experience more real.

Our patent-pending Pantomime™ technology lets users interact with physically realistic 3D augmented reality worlds instead of just viewing them. Pantomime keeps a model of how the mobile device is shaped and supported: tipped on a table, or gripped in a user’s hand. The device’s screen becomes both a paddle and a pane of glass, showing the virtual world seamlessly merged with the live scene on the other side. Users thus can realistically touch, paddle, tap, bounce, scoop, knock over objects, etc. in the 3D world by tipping and swinging the device!

Immersive Reality Reimagined

Last century, “immersive” meant strapping a device to your face and blocking out the real world.

Today, with ubiquitous computing and Pantomime, it’s about all our devices harmoniously sharing one rich animated reality — whether they’re on our desks, in a friend’s faraway den, on a stranger’s cafe table — or in your hand.



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