The Digital Tapestry Project continues my exploration of notions of materiality, craft, aouthorship, and the boundaries between the digital and physical. As of November, 2013, there are about 15 in the series, including sub-series like the 404 triptych, and the AR Tapestries.

These works tie into many other bodies of work, like 8 Bits or Less, the Globalist Realism Project, and my AR explorations as an associate member of the collective Manifest.AR. Each panel is a 60″x80″ digital Jacquard woven tapestry made of dyed cotton thread. As the viewer experiences the tapestry (which will be mounted on a backing buy AWE, users will interact with elements ofthe landscape and experience dialogues about Global Warming that I experiened while there.

I was originally inspired by the history of the tapestry as a monumental symbol, such as the Bayeuxs Tapestry’s chronicle of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the Tapestry’s subsequent creation and display in a cathedral as a function of power. As a matter of craft, I have been interested in the technology of digital Jacquard looms since I first saw one at Eastern Michigan University in 2005 and the history of Jacquard technology as the first industrial digital technology.

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