Ascension Studios is a creative production firm providing visualization solutions for designers, including graphics & animation, multimedia design, video & audio production, rapid prototyping, and immersive experiences. The studio, owned and operated by John Shulters since 2003, specializes in digital architectural visualization, with experience dating back to 1995, since the inception of the tools used to create such work.
The studio’s work history includes projects with countless architecture firms and designers across the U.S., from small one-person operations to some of the largest A&E firms in the world. With experience in residential, commercial, emergency services, hospitality, products, entertainment, and non-profit, Ascension Studios has had the opportunity to serve many markets and help a diverse set of clients tell their story through engaging media.
We pride ourselves on establishing a close, personal, and friendly relationship directly with designers to further their efforts with the latest skills in hardware and software technology. We stay on top of the latest developments in the design industry and test everything for the most robust, reliable, and enthralling experiences possible.
Our studio is located in northern California and works with clients world-wide. Working with Ascension Studios is like having an in-house artist and visualization specialist who understands the process intimately and will do what it takes to exceed expectations.

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