Today a major transformation in computer vision is underway. Embedded vision, the requirement for small embedded platforms to ‘see’, is proliferating across a broad range of vertical markets. Cars that see and independently respond to traffic conditions, wearable devices to extend use of technology in our everyday life, smart phones that provide an augmented reality view of their surroundings to the user, gesture control of home entertainment devices, face recognition for access control, all of these are just a few examples of embedded vision driving new applications. However, as vision processing becomes more sophisticated, and as multiple vision functions are combined on single platforms, it is impossible with conventional processing architecture to meet real time performance requirements and keep within the power and size constraints of the embedded system.

CogniVue’s revolutionary APEX Image Cognition Processor (ICP) core and vision toolkits allow developers to achieve >100x advantage in performance per power per area versus incumbent technologies, enabling the creation of previously implausible vision products. From dedicated hardware IP, code development tools and libraries, to algorithm development toolkit and application software demos, CogniVue enables its customers and partners to create or improve their embedded vision solution at all levels.

CogniVue is innovating with vision, enabling new and revolutionary vision-based applications, serving wearables, industrial and automotive markets.

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