FuelFX is a Houston, Texas based design firm formerly known as Bullfighter Design, LLC. We provide cutting edge strategic, imaginative communication solutions to the otherwise complicated oil & gas, medical and high-tech industry.

If your new technology is hard to explain to customers, our oil and gas 3D graphics, 3D animations and 3D models can help. FuelFX takes you well beyond simple graphics. We create advanced 3D visualizations and interactive multimedia that captivate your audience and enable them to experience and digest difficult to communicate concepts.

The Houston 3D graphics and interactive multimedia team at FuelFX brings in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry and related businesses to every project. We help you leverage new forms of media, information technology and digital marketing to find, grab and hold people’s attention. FuelFX provides turn-key creative and branding services with focus on new and emerging media for great companies like BP, Dell, Tyco, Nabors, Chevron, Schlumberger, Halliburton and Vestas – just to name a few.

Our team takes pride in working closely with our clients to make targeted creative decisions that are results-driven, innovative and eye-catching.

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