AudioCubes are smart wireless light-emitting objects, capable of sensing each other’s location and orientation, as well as distance to each other and objects nearby (e.g. your hands).

AudioCubes are used by artists around the world for sound design, composition, live performance, music education, interactive installations, music therapy, and many other projects.

AudioCubes are a “Tangible User Interface”, a new type of computer interface in which multiple objects are used together to carry out a task on a computer or mobile device, rather than pointing and clicking or touching displays to carry out tasks.

Data or functions can be linked to AudioCubes, after which you can work with the data or functions simply by placing AudioCubes next to each other.

AudioCubes were first developed and designed in 2003 by Bert Schiettecatte, and were launched in 2007. Since then, AudioCubes are in use by thousands of professionals around the world. New software applications are in constant development for AudioCubes. All software is free.


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