Corey King is the Executive Producer / Creator of Clandestine: Anomaly and Chief Executive Artist at ZenFri Inc.
An Award-Winning Storyteller and Producer, who has successfully worked across a range of mediums including Film, Books, Journalism, Gallery Art and Gaming. Corey is a dynamic creative force, using his talents to build ZenFri Inc. a startup that merges art, technology and business in a whole new way. His passion to create and distribute cutting-edge art entertainment, allows him to push the boundaries of storytelling, and create a truly unique corporate culture. To get great stories to market, he has successfully attracted and managed small local and large national teams, each handpicked to meet the needs of a project and bring his vision to life. For his Augmented Reality Project Clandestine: Anomaly, he’s attracted a stable of industry professionals who’ve worked on some of the worlds most valuable IP’s and attracted over half a millions dollars in development funding, all while driving the every aspect of the projects vision.

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