In my paintings, I work towards combining a variety of textures with a diversity of techniques. I join together organic and structural shapes to create patterns and vivid colors that radiate with rhythm. My goal is to move your eye around the canvas and let you find your own imagery within shapes. Sometimes I start with a sketch, but often I just follow the interesting relationships that happen when impulse painting. I sometimes like to involve first time painters or other artists on my preliminary layers of a work. It allows me to experience painting through new eyes and get unique results.

In my gallery shows, I involve the public and incorporate augmented reality. I hope to change the way art can be interactable by creating things like my augmented reality “Dena Nord” App.

Currently I am exploring influences from both fine art and design. Being a graphic designer for the Milwaukee Art Museum allows me to be constantly exposed to new art and trends in the design world. Artists that inspire me are Jennifer Scott McLaughlin, Yellena James and Jessica Hische. Other influences include nature, urban life, and pattern.

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