In her role at Sportvision, Anderson supervises the design, creative direction, and user research of the company’s new product innovations, with a strong focus on data visualization and product user interface. She also directs the Digital Media engineering team, responsible for the success of award winning and top-grossing major league digital products, including NASCAR’s RaceView for iOS and Android tablet, mobile and PC.

Anderson came to Sportvision from Microsoft, where she spent 10 years designing and executing a series of creative projects, including MSN’s critically applauded U.S. and worldwide re-designs. At Microsoft, Anderson was responsible for directing the design, research, and writing plans for some of their largest worldwide consumer products, encompassing TV, mobile, Hotmail, Calendar, Web Messenger, MSN, Search, and desktop. In her leadership role for MSN, she managed an international team of senior design and research directors in Japan, London, Dublin, and the U.S., building critical expertise in cross-cultural experience design. Other major consumer product campaigns that she was directly involved with include directing the user experience for Windows Live Hotmail and MSN TV2 Internet and Media Player launches, both receiving high critics praise for their ease of use and design savvy.

Anderson is an experienced and savvy professional in creating consumer and online user experiences. A graduate of the University of Michigan (BA, Film/Video Studies) and Eastern Michigan University (MLA, Interdisciplinary Technology), Anderson holds multiple user experience patents, and has published and presented several case studies with the premier international conference for human computer interaction. She and her teams have been featured in major design publications and have been regularly asked to speak at a variety of educational and industry events.

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