David is a contextual marketing evangelist, working to re-engineer the value proposition of one of world’s largest industries: Print Communications. As Head of Blue Star Interactive, David has built the first AR-dedicated division inside one of Australia’s largest print companies, servicing more than 1500 blue-chip brands across extremely diverse vertical markets.

A keynote speaker at FujiXerox’s Asian Conference, advising China’s top 200 print companies, David was a leading expert in the printing industry before stumbling across AR in early 2011 and falling head over heels in love with the 8th Mass Media. He has since conceived and produced AR for some of the world’s largest brands and is a regular speaker and panelist at digital marketing innovation events. Part of a tight knit international community of leading practitioners, David continues to build the terminology, best practice and business strategies to intersect and conjoin the AR, Print and Marketing Worlds.

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