Dhanushan (Dhan) Balachandreswaran is the Founder and CEO of Sulon Technologies, an exciting game technology start-up developing the first-ever, fully immersive spatial entertainment platform called the Cortex. The Cortex is positioned to revolutionize the gaming industry and fundamentally change the way players consume video games. It is a wireless plug-and-play system that transforms any physical environment into a holodeck-like experience.

Dhan is an innovative entrepreneur passionate about the latest technologies with a special interest in interactive entertainment and gaming. He has a strong background in science, technology, manufacturing and product development having served previously in multiple top-level management roles. By the age of 23, he was already leading a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists in developing next generation solar technologies at a renewable energy firm. As the Director of Engineering, he led their product development team and developed a revolutionizing solar farm system with a lifespan and durability twice as long as average systems and an assembly speed of a matter of minutes. He is also the inventor of a wide array of renewable energy testing systems that are currently being used by research labs at multiple universities in Canada and many other renewable energy organizations.

Dhan has been featured in many journals and articles regarding his achievements in the renewable energy space, and has contributed to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) through multiple written publications.

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