CEO, InsideMaps Inc

At InsideMaps, George is helping thousands of homeowners, real estate agents, interior designers and game creators take full advantage of virtual homes by leading the development of the only iOS and Android app that creates a photorealistic 3D replica of a home.  With patented breakthroughs in computer vision, the InsideMaps app is the only software-based 3D creation solution that effectively does what other companies have achieved only with expensive hardware.  By lowering the barrier of 3D model creation, InsideMaps turns homes into virtual playgrounds, allowing anyone to reimagine their home and enjoy the spectacular experiences made possible by Oculus Rift and other virtual reality developers around the context of their own home.

Previous to InsideMaps George founded and led Wanadu, a web conferencing company that was sold to Latitude (now Cisco).  Afterwards, George led Sony Mobile’s CTO Innovation Group as Director of Technology. He also led teams at Nokia and Netscape where, as one of its earliest employees, drove Netscape’s success in Europe.  George has a BSEE from Stanford.

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