Jeff Powers is co-founder and CEO of Occipital, a Boulder and San Francisco based startup company focused on mobile computer vision. With co-founder Vikas Reddy, Jeff led the development of RedLaser, a popular barcode-scanning application that was eventually acquired by eBay in June 2010. Remaining independent, Occipital launched 360 Panorama later, which has since been the best-selling panorama capture application on iOS. Jeff is currently focused on carefully expanding the Occipital team, and working on new applications that will begin to make the real world computationally interactive. Jeff is also an angel investor in tech startups, including the mobile robotics company Orbotix and the seed-stage accelerator TechStars Boulder.

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  1. Matthew
    November 17, 2013, 6:54 pm   /  Reply

    Dear Mr. Powers,

    My name is Matthew. I am an 8th grade student, and I was reading an article about the Structure Sensor for the iPad. The article is entitled, “The 3D Scanner for Your iPad Will Digitize Reality,” on PopularMechanics.com. After reading I have a few questions regarding the scanner:

    1. When would this product be available to the general public?

    2. Could it ever be introduced into other fields besides entertainment? And could it be used on devices other than the iPad?

    Thank you in advance. I will share your answers with my science class.


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