AlterSpaceAVR CEO, Founder, Chief Scientist, and Master Architect
AILEENN CEO, Chief Scientist and Master A.I. and Neural Network Architect
TDVision CEO, CTO, Founder and President
AngelInventum Founder and President

AlterSpace is the convergence point for the internet of things, Augmented Reality and media of any kind within one single Interactive and Immersive Environment. Powered by AILEENN’s Artificial Intelligence Logical Electronic Emulation Neural Network, the AlterSpace provides the ultimate tool for work, education, training, medical, military, game and entertainment while providing Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence with a human-like interaction.

Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo is the AlterSpace environment architect, AILEENN’s master architect and TDVision’s CEO & Founder. As a serial Inventor and Entrepreneur, he founded TDVision in 2003 providing an entire solution for the full HD 3D to the home ecosystem in 2006, now ISO MVC standardized for Blu-ray 3D and internationally awarded with a Lumiere 2013 for his contributions to the 3D industry. In 2012, Manuel developed AILEENN, a new infrastructure for multidimensional polymorphic, self adaptive and self learning Neural Network for Artificial Intelligence pattern analysis capable to extract abstract patterns from any type of data as a result of years of GPU/CPU multithreaded parallel processing experience. In 2014, Manuel launched the AlterSpaceAVR, a spinoff of TDVision providing a parallel digital universe where the internet of things, 3D Datasets, media, social, work, education and entertainment converge under one single interactive environment powered by AILEENN’s brain and providing interfaces for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, control, analysis and media interaction.

Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo holds a BSEE degree with emphasis on Digital Systems and Digital Control, more than 30 patents issued world wide, former contributor to many industry standards, inventor, entrepreneur, mastering multiple programming languages and he is the founder and AILEENN, AlterSpace and TDVision initiatives architect of all the hardware, firmware and software subsystems.

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