Markus started his first tech business when he was just 17 — a company to rent out game servers from his home in Vienna. Within a few of years, he also launched what would become Austria’s most successful photo upload system. While still earning his Masters Degree in Business Informatics from the Technical University of Vienna, Markus formed IT5, a tech services company that has delivered, among many other projects, an innovative HR planning solution for Austria’s largest hospital, Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien.

Markus’s latest technology venture, ViewAR, allows him to apply his experience with gaming technologies, databases and server systems to the brave new world of mobile technologies, 3D design, and augmented reality. ViewAR provides practical AR solutions for global businesses by forging strong creative connections between brand and customer. Built upon the ViewAR Catalog System, ViewAR’s custom mobile commerce applications utilize the most advanced product visualization tools to energize sales and marketing efforts, drive faster buying decisions and produce new revenue streams. ViewAR continues to enjoy exponential growth as its platform is adopted by leading retailers and global brands.

Company: ViewAR http://www.viewar.com 
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