Since 1996 his technological innovations have created many developments in both the public and private sector such as seeing, smelling and hearing a virtual vacation of swimming with dolphins! He created ways to ease the stress, anxiety and improve the well-being of cancer patients enduring chemotherapy. Hundreds of school districts use his Virtual Reality labs to aid kids’ grasp of information or help teachers instruct through environmental and spatial technologies.
All of those experiences led him to the untapped youth market. As Jochim explains his corner of the toy market, “as a technology company first, our entire line of toys is based on Augmented Reality and its capabilities. We provide animations and interactivity on every single page, as opposed to selective pages. We let our consumers play with our product in an array of different ways to appeal to multiple types of interactivity. One of our coolest features is that while you are enjoying and experiencing one of our 3D toys, we allow you to turn into your favorite character at the same time, and give you the option to create your own videos or pictures to share with your friends and family using our technology.”
Accolades from the business community and the toy industry have reached the highest levels including being the youngest person to ever be reviewed and published by SUCCESS Magazine and his products glossing the front cover of WIRED and Popular Science Magazine. In 2005 Jochim took home the Future Fashion Designer Award of 2005 for an AD Runner Vest with Mobile LCD Technology. TV’s The View ranked his innovative AR books as the 2012 Best Toy of the Toy Fair.

Company: POPAR http://popartoys.com
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