Amir is on a mission to 3D-ify the world. Before graduating from the University of Florida in 2003 with a degree in computer engineering, he co-founded Prioria Robotics with a few of his classmates. Following his robotics venture, he developed a stereo-vision system for weighing cattle based only on imagery and later joined Shadow Health to create a 3D simulation healthcare product. While exploring ancient castles in Scotland, Amir came up with a new idea to use 3D to capture spaces, share them with others and create new experiences. His current company, Paracosm, served as a development partner for Google’s Project Tango. Paracosm is actively developing 3D-mapping technologies to enable immersive AR/VR experiences and provide machines with a human-scale understanding of the world…thus bringing forth the roboapocalypse.

Company: Paracosm http://paracosm.io
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