Bob van Luijt is a creator. He designs, coins and invents ideas that have not yet been realized. Sitting still is not an option; opportunities for innovation and improvement are waiting around every corner, whether it’s about technology, music, sound, art, games, strategy or aesthetics.
This demonstrates Bob’s courage to think big. His curiosity is immense. Breaking through existing frameworks is an important motive for all his projects. He prefers to think outside conventional boxes that obstruct talent development. Bob is an innovative gourmand, who learned throughout the years that being a creator, in whatever kind of way, is a life vision and life goal. Knowing that means a lot to him and enriches his personal and professional endeavors.
He gives inspiring lectures at big multinationals. Develops future ideas for written media. Designs strategies and technology solutions for corporations. Makes plants interact. As a bass guitarist, he jams with world famous jazz musicians. And pays them in bitcoins. Challenge is the key word. Climbing yet another, unexplored step each time.
Bob is highly interested in open source. Interaction and transparency are key in developing a project, invention or concept. This asynchronous dynamic leads to revealing designs and ways of thinking. Every step between A and B provides a potentially new path.
Improvising is what Bob does as a musician- at the same time, his spontaneity and creativity are fundamental to all of his ideas. With this forward way of thinking, and his futuristic ideas, he is constantly alert to new developments (if he doesn’t come up with it himself). Or, in his own words: “I want to be an inventor of principles.”

Company: Kubrickology http://kubrickolo.gy
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