H. Brock Kolls is a visionary entrepreneur who develops market-changing technology by identifying and capturing intellectual property around breakthrough innovation. He is also a US Patent Agent with 16 years of patent drafting and prosecution experience and is an inventor on more than 60 patents in diverse technology fields including machine-to-machine systems, communication systems, vehicle telematics, cashless mobile payment systems, vending and cold drink equipment technologies, and cloud based solutions.

In the late 90’s he took a startup to successful exit onto NASDAQ in which he invented wireless cashless payment technology and a turnkey banking system that opened cashless micropayments to the vending and other traditionally coin-operate industries. His company was ahead of it’s time. Today we would say his company was into the internet-of-things, mobile commerce, and cloud solutions but back then none of these terms had been coined yet.

He joined Coca-Cola R&D in 2007 and led a team of controls engineers on the design of the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser. Today the transformational beverage dispenser based on novel micro-dosing technology refreshes consumers in restaurants with more than 120 drink choices. After Freestyle design, he successfully grew Coca-Cola’s global open innovation program scouting technologies worldwide to meet business needs. In this role he worked extensively with getting novel startup technologies commercialized and into Coke’s bottling system.

Having experienced, from both the startup and the big company perspective, how challenging it is to get breakthrough innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace at meaningful scale quickly, Brock founded Gr8 Big Ideas. The company focuses on creation of patent portfolios using a proprietary process modeled around a horse race handicapping methodology he and his father developed. The process connects strategic initiatives with trends, insights, big ideas, and other factors to

Company: Gr8 Big Ideas/CN2 Technology http://www.CN2tech.com
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