Media psychologist, Brandman University

Carrie, a media psychologist and professional educator, also runs her company, Write Right, A Pen for Hire.  Her academic background and employment experience includes financial analysis, business management, corporate training, and educational director of a national learning center.

Carrie is employed at Brandman University, teaching courses such as Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship, Information Literacy, Human Development, Advanced Business courses, and Behavior and Cognition. She also consults within the areas of Digital Strategies, Organizational Communications, Persuasive Communications, and Media Psychology. Applying cognition, color, and persuasive psychological theories, Carrie offers a unique perspective on how consumers apply mass mediated information into their daily lives, as well as confront the daily realities of information overload. Central to all aspects of her professional and educational pursuits is persuasive communication.

Carrie’s academic professional career began has continuously fed her passion for digital communications, 4D technology, media technology, and social advocacy. She has presented at national conferences including the American Psychological Association National Conference and consults for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. You can contact Carrie on twitter @drdvperry and on Linkedin at carrie-perry.

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