Dr. Charles Woodward received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at Helsinki University of Technology in 1990, where Woodward and his team pioneered in developing 3D modeling and ray tracing visualisation for industrial designers. The years 1991-2000 Woodward headed his spin-off company DeskArtes Oy in international software business, with product lines for 3D CAID and Rapid Prototyping. After joining VTT in 2001, Woodward was nominated Research Professor of Multimedia technology in 2004, and Research Professor in Augmented and Virtual Reality 2010. Throughout the last decade, Woodward and his team at VTT have produced world leading solutions for various Augmented Reality (AR) application fields, including media and marketing, entertainment and games, interior design, industrial applications, and collaborative telepresence interaction. Woodward’s special research focus is on Augmented and Mixed Reality application in the AEC sector (Architecture, Engineering and Construction).

Company: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland http://virtual.vtt.fi/virtual/proj2/multimedia
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