Chris is an award-winning product manager, entertainment attorney, and entrepreneur, with a deep background in product management, corporate strategy & strategic communications, and business development & strategic partnerships. Chris runs Holofy, which is a technology consultancy in numerous ventures in industries ranging from augmented reality (AR) to film & television to outdoor advertising. At Holofy, Chris works side-by-side with entertainment & technology entrepreneurs looking to dramatically improve their core businesses through product feature & line innovation, new monetization strategies, and new customer acquisition. Chris developed the app “StarPop” which is an augmented reality experience on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and he consults on a handful of other location-based and celebrity branded mobile apps. In the AR vertical, Chris consults with companies on the UX of augmented reality, and currently chairs the IEEE’s “Augmented Reality Industry Connections” working group that is exploring avenues to broader adoption of AR technologies through cooperative marketing and technology development strategies.

Company: Holofy http://www.holofy.com
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